Brazing Wire Preform

There are many different types of brazing applications that require a specific amount of alloy to be distributed onto the braze joint. Knowing that each application is unique unto itself, North American Alloy can help you meet those requirements through our many capabilities or metal fabrication.

We offer wire preforms in these varieties for your specific processes and more:

  • Segment – Formed to any degree of a circle
  • Gap – Format and cut with an area of the ring deleted to provide a compression type fit.
  • Edge Wound – Manufactured by winding flat wire on edge, considered an economical replacement of a washer type form.
  • Full Turn – Formed with either a flat or slight helix butt end.
  • Multi-Turn – Provide added filler as needed per application.
  • Slugs – Brazing wire is cut to required lengths.
  • Custom Form – Geometry that would require the use of machinery to perform intricate bends and shapes.