Flux and Flux Remover

Brazing flux minimizes the oxidation that tends to form in the brazing process on filler metal and materials being joined. A flux formulation is most likely available for your particular metal joining project.

North America Alloy offers the following Johnson brazing flux and specialty products:

Flux ProductsDescriptionTemperature Range (°F)
Lloyd’s #7This general purpose flux is widely used with low temperature alloys and provides excellent results, even when diluted up to 50% with water.850-1650
PowerBrazeAn effective powdered brazing flux used on red metals and steel for low cost brazing applications.800-1750
KwikFlux 41A general purpose flux used primarily with silver based alloys. Works best with torch brazing on stainless steel.1100-1600
KwikFlux 54SBUsed on tungsten chromium carbides, high alloys and stainless oxides and has a slightly greater fluidity at low end of brazing temperatures.1100-1600
Johnson Alum Brazing FluxTemperature range is perfectly matched to 4047 brazing applications. Dry powder is customarily carried on a heated rod to the work piece as it nears brazing temperature.Active above 1025
Buffalo Flux 2805 CAB FluxControlled Atmosphere Brazing Flux for furnace applications has excellent performance from this unique SA Day Flux made at Johnson’s Buffalo Flux Facility Meets CAB temps
Paste Flux
KwikFlux 54A general purpose paste widely used with low temperature alloys. It is extremely fluid at brazing temperatures, so it promotes good capillary flow on hard to wet materials. 1000-1600
KwikFlux 95Used for high temperature, prolonged, and intense heating, such as large-tipped torch brazing. Works well with AMS 4772. Flow point of 1575F1200-1800
KwikFlux 99A high temperature flux for nickel-bearing brass and bronze common filler metals, high alloys, and stainless steels. Ideally suited to furnace brazing and induction brazing processes.1600-2200
Xcel Flux SSThis paste is widely used with low temperature alloys. It is full-bodied and will produce satisfactory results, even when diluted up to 50% with water.780-1600
KwikFlux 41BUsed on tungsten chromium carbides, high alloys and stainless oxides and has a standard open fluidity.1100-1700
Xcel Flux NFUsed when local overheating may occur, such with induction brazing. It is a full-bodied gray flux that is formulated especially for steels at dilution of up to 50%1100-2200
Xcel Flux NF10Similar to NF, but especially used when prolonged heating period is required. Increased boron additive to special formula. Affects refractory oxides formed during brazing process.1100-2200
FloRite NFA premixed, non-separating gray flux which requires no further dilution for general purpose brazing applications.1100-2000
Liquid Flux
Aqui FluxA jewelers self-pickling, water-based, hard soldering flux for all types of jeweler’s metals that is used for furnace brazing with poor atmospheres.1100-1500
Luxi FluxGas corrective, alcohol-based flux for soldering or annealing all jewelers metals and used for furnace brazing with poor atmospheres. Contains Methyl Alcohol. POISONOUS, Read MSDS before using.1100-1500
Specialty Products
Flux Remover CompoundDry granules for mixing with water and removes flux, rust, mill & heat scale. Eliminates need for strong acids or abrasivesN/A
Pickling CompoundFor fast pickling of gold, silver and other jewelry metals and to remove surface oxidation and scale.N/A
Wax WashPre-investment wax dipping solution. DO NOT USE NEAR SPARK OR OPEN FLAME!Mix < 125, Use 140
Standard Packaging
Paste Fluxes1 Lb. Jars – Case/125 Lb. Jars – Case/610, 25 & 50 Lb. Pails
Liquid Fluxes1 Gallon – Case/45 Gallon Jugs55 Gallon Drum
Dry Products2.5 Lb. Jars10 & 50 Lb. Pails