Copper Phosphorous Alloys & Copper

Copper alloys are primarily copper mixed with different alloying elements that produce a new range of materials designated with particular characteristics such as strength, ductility, formability, machinability, or conductivity. Copper and its alloys have excellent electrical and thermal performance with high resistance to corrosion and  a relatively low price point. Copper alloys are great choices in the realm of brazing due to their excellent corrosion resistance, conductivity, and capillary action.

These alloys are grouped into the commonly named families listed below.

  • Coppers – copper with trace elements
  • Brasses – copper with zinc
  • Bronzes – copper with tin
  • Copper-Nickels – copper with nickel and manganese
  • Nickel Silvers – copper with nickel and zinc

Available in the following Bulk Forms: Foil, PastePowderRod, Wire.

BCuP 2 Silver Alloy 092.757.2513101460
BCuP 6 Silver Alloy 22917P11901450
BCuP 3 Silver Alloy 55896P11901490
BCuP 3 Silver Alloy 1515805P11901475
110 Copper BCu 1
189 Deoxidized Copper981981/1981
681 Low Fuming Bronze583995731690
73 Nickel Silver4841101690/1715

Bronze features very low metal-on-metal friction and is widely used in the production of high quality springs, bearings, bushings, and small transmission & engine parts. Bronze struck against a hard surface will not produce sparks unlike other metals, such as steel, making it quite suitable in explosive or flammable environments.

Nickel Silver is a copper alloy produced through the combination of copper, nickel, and zinc. (60% copper, 20% nickel, 20% zinc). The alloy itself contains no silver (unless plated) and is named for its silvery appearance. Its industrial and technical uses include marine fittings and plumbing fixtures for its corrosion resistance, and heating coils for its high electrical resistance.

Copper Phosphorous

For use in copper to copper and brass to brass (without flux). Not recommended for nickel.

Other SpecsAWS A 5.8AgCuPMelt/Flow
55181BCuP-29371310/1460Highest Fluidity
55280BCuP-358961190/1495Poor Fitting Joints
55281BCuP-468771190/1325Hi Fluidity
55282BCuP-5158051190/1475Wide Gap Heavy Fillets
55283BCuP-629171190/1450Small Gap Thin Flow
18 M1875.56.25

Copper Alloy

AWS A 5.8CuZnSnNiFeMnMelt/Flow
189BCu-2981981/1981Deoxidized Copper
470RBCuZn-A59400.61630/1650Naval Bronze
680RBCuZn-B58390.950.50.750.31590/163 Low Fuming Bronze Nickel
681RBCuZn-C58390.950.70.31690/1630Low Fuming Bronze
773RBCuZn-D4841101690/1715Nickel Silver