Engineering & Design Assistance

Selecting the right alloy for your products is key in the field of brazing, soldering, and welding. North American Alloy will assist in the selection of the right alloy for your needs. Proper materials, fluxes, and temperatures are all considered as we find the proper fit for your exact requirements.

We know exactly what brazing alloy must be metallurgically compatible with the metal you want to use, commonly called the base metal. When brazing two dissimilar metals, we often use a filler metal with nickel to prevent interface corrosion.

In order to prevent distortion of your part we pick an alloy with the lowest melting temperature, however most lower temperature melting alloys contain cadmium, which is hazardous.  A good substitute would be to use one of our various silver bearing alloys, without cadmium, used as filler metals along with nickel and copper based alloys which are used in brazing.  When furnace brazing using a controlled atmosphere or vacuum, it is important to use an alloy with no low-melting metals such as cadmium or zinc.  We are well equipped for alloys used for specific applications and our technical department can help you with the right choice.

North American Alloy is available for contracting, consultation, and development of new fixtures or the refinement of existing products.