Bulk Brazing Wire

Wire is probably one of the most common forms of silver brazing alloys. Wire is also very common for copper brazing alloys, and aluminum brazing alloys. However, wire is not very common for nickel brazing alloys, due to the brittle nature of that alloy family. Wire can be supplied in diameters ranging from .010 – .125, and in some cases wire diameters can be larger than .125.

Generally, bulk wire is supplied on either a spool, or in a bundle. In some special instances, a customer may even require wire to be supplied level-wound on a spool to avoid possible entanglement during pay-off. Customers who purchase bulk wire products either hand feed the alloy during the brazing operation, or they might make their own preforms in-house. Bulk wire products are offered in a variety of alloys as well. Some of the more common alloy families are: silver brazing alloy, copper brazing alloy, copper/phos/silver brazing alloys, aluminum brazing alloy, bronze brazing alloy, and brass brazing alloy.